Global Advantage
Hanaco has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing silicone rubber keypads.

Hanaco provides many advantages and alternatives for our customers. We have manufacturing facilities in the USA, China, and Taiwan.

Our goal and philosophy is to build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers and continue to provide the best service, product, and delivery










Your Project from Start to Finish
With so much experience of rubber molding, Hanaco has developed a wealth of experience to take your project from drawing to prototyping or production.

Our engineering department will make sure that your design is what you receive.

Our engineers can provide you with technical support and advice. They can also help refine and develop your product at any stage.








Getting Your Project RIGHT
Drawing information can be received by fax or e-mail.

Electronic data transfer is accepted in:

  • DWG
  • DXF
  • IGS

These formats can be used for quoting, tool cutting, or final inspection.










Hanaco's USA facility
is designed with the customer in mind.

We communicate with our customers in the US time zone, not Asia's time zone.

This enhances great engineering support and customer service for our customers. Our engineers and sales staff are highly experienced in rubber keypads and products.









Hanaco's Taiwan
and China facilities

are designed to provide the best possible pricing for large volume projects, but not limited to only large volume.

Our China facility has in-house tooling so we can provide quick turnaround lead times for prototyping and production molds.


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